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Guitar Lessons

Classical Guitar
Electric Guitar
Bass Guitar
Guitar Ensemble

Home tuition is available within 20kms or meet at the studio.

Rates: Online lessons : £15/h (UK) / R300 (S Africa) per hour, extra two rand per kilometre driven to venue.

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David Conway Guitar Tuition

David`s lessons are geared to preparing the Guitarist into becoming a holistic musician, with the overall goal of becoming a self- critical, disciplined, motivated, inspired, and confident player with direction. For the beginner a relevant textbook is suggested according to which path way the player is suited to. David currently uses the Guitarists Way series by Peter Nuttall and John Whitworth. He has made videos on the series on YouTube Channel “David Conway Solo Guitar.”

He frequently posts instructional videos to supplement teaching and practice approaches that have been prompted by his current teaching base. After relevant materials have been mastered the pupil is introduced to the latest Trinity College London Classical or Rock and Pop examination pieces.

The structure of the lesson normally starts with a technical exercise to promote technical development like the following:

Then when relevant notes have been learnt in the first position, Initial Grade Scales are introduced early, as memorization is necessary for the player should they wish to sit an examination.

Textbook work is then worked on from where the player has reached. Half way through the lesson an Aural and Sight-reading test is given, of which (from experience) is welcomed by beginners to take a break from playing and work on skills that are important for the holistic nurture of the musician.

Music Theory

Music theory is suggested to be developed in tandem with the practical as this is an invaluable skill for notating music that is being learnt from listening. It also enhances the speed of learning pieces and understanding what is happening in the music and interpreting musical symbols etc. A pass in grade five music theory is a pre-requisite of progressing to grade six to eight practical with most boards. For online learners materials are emailed and completed by the pupil and emailed back marked. Theoretical aspects can also be worked on during the online lessons with flashcards etc.


Teaching Repertoire

David has a wide range of teaching materials some of which have been posted on the above YouTube Channel. Over his teaching career he is familiar with most of the published Guitar Method books. He has turned materials from them and current examination pieces, into Ensemble Pieces (for extra practice for pupils who join the Guitar Ensemble.) David has an open mind with music and arrangements for solo guitar of Pop songs or repertoire from other instruments have been made for current pupils and recordings or tutorials of the work posted for them on the channel.

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